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Step 1: Jump into the Pool

Join hundreds of aspiring tech leaders by expressing your interest and describing your motivations for leveraging Fetch’s technical leadership resources. Complete a free application and personality/values assessment so we can learn how to further empower you as a tech leader. Become a Fetchie in the process and get access to Funix Singapore to upgrade your skills further. Be in the same network as your peers and other superstar coders.

Step 2: Advance your expertise with Funix Singapore

As a Fetchie, you can then leverage on our online university (Funix Singapore) learning resources for software development and complete a technical assessment that will evaluate your knowl- edge of the content you’ve learned. Upgrade yourself by getting as many certs as you can from Funix Singapore. The certs will come in very handy in the network.

Step 3: Meet us in person

Based on the quality of outputs you create you may be invited to a panel of interviews made up of staff members and developers at our Fetch nest.

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Step 4: Simulated Crazy Sprint - Selected Unicorn Companies only

Whenever Singapore unicorn companies are looking to expand their team with superstars, they will launch a sprint, selected ones like yourself will be invited to participate in a two-week, simulated development sprint led by senior Fetchx de- velopers. The two weeks comprise of a product development on-site, which will be a project carefully crafted by them, at our Fetch nest.

You’ll be expected to learn independently as well as on a team to deliver a final project. We’re looking for work attitude, passion, and teamwork.


Step 5: Graduate as a Fetchx

The highest performing participants are accepted into Fetch's 1-year Unicorn Program attached to high growth startups from Singapore..

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