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Fetch's engineer works with your CTO to evaluate your company's technical needs and design a custom hiring solution for growing your team.


We do the first round of interview which includes filtering out those that fail the English proficiency test and necessary background checks. Those that pass our first round will be put through you for a second round of technical test.


We onboard your developers in Fetch nest and they start contributing, supported by our senior-engineering staff; you can choose for your developers to follow your company's development lifecycle and process, using communication and development tool from us.


We fly your Fetch developers out to your HQ for 2 weeks of building rapport with the team in-person or welcome you to come down any working days of the week to get to know them better in-person.

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Tap a button

Tap a button, choose your developer: You will see your developer's picture, his past working experience details and his skillsets. Schedule and interview in person or over Skype.

Choose how to pay

When its time of the month to pay salaries, either pay your employees with cash or cryptocurrency. We partnered with Coinhako to give you the best rates for you account.

You feedback, we listen

Give us a call anytime or give a feedback about your experience with your coder. Your input helps us make every hire a 5-star experience.

There's a hire for every price

And any level of experiences

All-in starting from $2,500/month.

All-in starting from $2,500/month.

Fetch from Pool

Professional coders in our pool come from all over the world. They join our pool hoping to be part of the most interesting products in the South East Asia region.

Best for

  • Companies looking for freelancers for simple work.
  • Companies whose product needs short-term support
  • Software development houses

Fetching Fee at S$1200/month and lower

Fetching Fee at S$1200/month and lower

Fetch from Open Market

Minimum 1-year contract with the employees (Vietname Labor Law). Fee decreases as you scale. We help you to secure the best and most suitable coder for your organization. Click here to see how we recruit, retain and excite your employees.

Best for

  • Companies looking for full-time developers to build product

All-in fixed @ S$1,500/internship

All-in fixed @ S$1,500/internship

Fetch from Young Talent Programmer (3-4 months)

We partnered with many top programming universities from all over Vietnam to make sure that we only take in the best interns from the school. These interns come in on a 3-4 months program learning from our very own online university syllabi and at the same time gaining real-life experience by building real-life POC for exciting Singapore startups so that they will be rady to start contributing from day one at your organization.

Best for

  • Companies looking to nurture and train young talents so that there is a natural succession in the development lifecycle.
  • Companies with a strong base/senior developers and is looking for young talents to assist them in peripheral services of their products.
  • Companies looking for interns to help with peripheral services

Pricing Unavailable

Pricing Unavailable

Fetch from Training School (2 months)

We put a minimum of 5 hand-picked trainees through a rigorious training program of any skillset of your choice*. From which, you can choose any number to join you as full-timers; after they have completed their training, which includes a capstone project of your choice.

Best for

  • Companies looking for specialized coders
  • Eg. Blockchain, Big Data

Included amenities

Super-fast internet

2 internet providers

Secure Facilities

HR Manager and Admin

Coffee, Bubble Tea and Beer

Daily Cleaning

24/7 Building Access

Motorbike storage

Mail & Package Handling

Happy Hour

Bag locks

Community Managers

Office supplies

Monthly Community Bonding Dinner

Optional amenities

Bi-Monthly sports day

Camera Monitoring for Max Security

Penetration Testing



Wordpress Development for static sites

All-in-one management system (Powered by Odoo)


Our members tell it like it is.

Fetch takes excellent care of our employees and has helped build and maintain a really stable and talented tech team.

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Fetch provides an excellent platform for us to build our technical team abroad. They are prompt to understand our needs and in supporting us to source and nurture technical talents overseas

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our team's always here to talk it out, just reach out by phone or email.

Are the hires my employees or Fetch's employees?

For labour law and tax reasons, the coder have to sign a contract with a legal entity operating in his/her respective country. And so, we are the legal employer of the coder in their respective countries. However, the same employment contract that Fetch signs with the coder will also be translated and enforced through a legal contract between your company and the coder. On top of that, there will be a legal contract between your company and Fetch to make sure that Fetch enforces the terms in the employment contract.

Though legally they are an employee of Fetch, they work exclusively for your company and they see themselves as a member of your company. Our role is to make sure they are part of the big Fetch family and making sure that the working environment is effective.

Are you sure my employees work exclusively on my product?

Yes, they are your employees! We only deal with non-work related matters like their discipline, admin and finance. Any work you assign and share with your employees is strictly between your employees and your company only.

And unlike many other software development houses which promise similar service, we do not take software projects and so any "temptations" to use your resources to help meet deadlines for projects do not exist in our family.

Can I enforce that my employee(s) signs a NDA?

Yes, you can. We have many similar cases where the coders sign a NDA with the company before starting any official work.

Is there a minimal contract period?

For all full-time contracts, there is a minimal 1-year contract.

If I deem the coder to be ineffective, can I let the coder go any time during the contract period?

According to Vietnam’s labour law, when an employee is in his/her probation period, you can choose to terminate the contract by giving the employee a 1-week notice period. For any employee that have passed their probation, you will need to give them at least 30 working days notice before terminating the contract.

How do you ensure that I can get good quality candidates?

We have positioned ourselves in Vietnam for the past 3 years as a popular placement facility for Vietnamese. We have successfully trained and placed many Vietnamese with high-growth startups in Singapore, Japan and US.

Part of this success is due to our partnership with top programming universities all over Vietnam so that every year, we have batches of top quality students for internships and full-time hires with esteemed companies like yours.

Also, we have our own online programming universities and trainers to make sure that our robust training program prepare the students for real-life work.

In addition, we have our own constantly-growing pool of experienced developers whom we reach out to on a regular basis. Through workshops, mentorship programme, enrichment programs and many more, a strong community and network is established from which you can find all the talent you need.

How do you then ensure that I can get good coders as employees?

We conduct a series of tests and interviews for the candidates. Firstly, all candidates have to go through a series of psychometric assessment and profiling. After which, the selected candidates will have to go through at least 2 rounds of interviews. The first interview will be conducted by Fetch in which we will assess the candidate’s english proficiency, a verification of his profile and portfolio and casual conversation to understand the candidate better. If the candidate passes the first round, he will proceed onto subsequent rounds of technical tests on separate day(s) conducted by our “Masters” whom are all highly qualified working professionals whom have at least 10 years experiences in their respective fields of expertise.

Can I conduct my own technical interview?

Yes, you can. In fact, we always encourage companies with technical co-founder or technical leaders to either conduct online technical interviews through Skype or fly to the respective countries to administer their own technical tests onsite at our nests. This does help with the coders’ understanding of their potential leaders/colleagues and the company.

Can I work beside my team?

Yes, any one from your company is welcome to fly in and work from our nests any working day. In fact, we encourage all companies to assimilate their distributed teams at least once every year by choosing to fly either the entire tech team to your HQ or those at your HQ to the tech team, whichever that makes more financial sense.

What channels of communications do the coders use?

Every coder in the family uses Slack and Skype. They will, however, learn and use any communication tools and channels that your company deem fit.

I do not have technical person in my company and so there are no technical protocols, framework and guidelines in place. How do i ensure that all technical aspect of the business is covered? I really want to focus growing the business aspect without having to worry about the tech side at all.

We know that good technical frameworks, documentation and continuous integration are extremely important for the scalability and sustainability of your product. This may not be our responsibility since you handle all work-related matters with your coders and we do not interfere. But we will take this responsibility if you do need our help. You can request for your team to adhere Fetch’s methodology in software development lifecycle which are being practiced by top performing companies like Grab and we will guide your team in setting up the necessary frameworks, protocols and processes in place.

We want you to succeed as badly as you want to. Because every employee that goes through your door is part of the Fetch family and its our duty to take care and help him/her grow.

Are working device(s) included in your fees?

No, your company decides what devices to get for your team.

Will there be any difficulties in securing equipment for my team since my company is based in Singapore?

No, getting laptops have never been a problem. We can either get first or second-hand laptops from the respective countries from which your team operates from. Or we can assist you to ship your devices to the respective countries.