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Business Lifecycle:
Multi-National corporation
Augment software team
This global hospitality chain chose Fetch to Augment their software team.
Read how Fetch helped them reliable outsource Tech Talent team.
Accor Group is a multinational hospitality company that owns, manages and franchises hotels, resorts and vacation properties. It is the largest hospitality company in Europe, and the sixth largest hospitality company worldwide.
Accor Plus is the Asia Pacific loyalty subscription programme of Accor Group. Accor Plus is Asia Pacific’s most expansive travel, dining and lifestyle program. In order to complete the development of the tech platform, Accor contacted Fetch along with several tech project management companies. We onboarded with Accor to provide them augmentation of technical talents within the SEA region.
Project Preriod
2018 – 2020
Provide a context/background
Being a global company, Accor needed developers in the South East Asian region that could be easily managed and with a high level of skillset to be able to integrate into their global network of tech capability. As a large company, one of their main concerns was the bureaucracy involved in setting up a team. They needed a fuss free solution that was quick and easy to manage. The key objective was to augment their tech team.
How you tackled the issue
Fetch was able to supply the high quality engineers demanded by Accor with our vast and capable recruitment network. From recruitment of full timers, freelancers and contract workers, we were able to cater to the dynamic technical needs of Accor, at speed and high quality of talent supply
With our fully managed service, Accor could easily manage their developers in Vietnam without any administrative headaches. Everything from office space to legal and compliance, to payroll and leave administration were taken care by Fetch. Our fuss free billing from Singapore made it easy for Accor to handle payments from their global office. This is especially important for publicly listed companies that require financial and legal compliance from their vendors.
Impacts the project brought
Our service allowed a global company to setup capability of hiring tech talent in a remote country quickly and easily. Setting up a remote technical office would otherwise have consumed much time and resources.
Our ability to recruit the best engineers ensured that the quality demanded by Accor could be met. Fetch’ wide network of tech talent additionally ensured that Accor could meet changing talent requirements without compromising of project speed.
The ease of tech team management with every administrative matter taken care by Fetch made day to day operations easy and helped execution of the massive development project.
No matter where you are operating, or where you are head-quartered, Fetch tech talent augmentation service, and tech project management service allows you to gain access to the best Vietnamese talents easily, managed timely and affordably.
Find the perfect fit with Fetch
Find the perfect fit with Fetch