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Email management for Shipping industry
Business Lifecycle:
Bootstrapped company
Outsourced tech talent hiring
If you are a Bootstrapped startup worried about remotely hiring tech talent, then Fetch has the perfect solution for you.
ChartDesk provides a shared inbox tool as a SaaS to their clients, primarily within the shipping sector. Traditionally, the operations in the shipping sectors makes it necessary for teams to handle thousands of emails a day and across many different departments. ChartDesk was built for teams to efficiently manage business emails exchanged with shared mailboxes, making it a breeze to handle large amount of emails.
Project Preriod
2016 to present
Provide a context/background
Back in 2016, Chartdesk was a relatively new, bootstrapped startup. Being a new startup, the high cost of tech talents in Singapore was not realistic for them to hire. They needed a low-cost solution to build up their tech capabilities.
After research on several outsourcing markets within APAC, they found Vietnam to be the best place to hire and build their tech capabilities. The key factors were cost effective, project delivery efficiency and cultural match.
How you tackled the issue
Fetch was able to help Chartdesk leverage on the much lower cost in Vietnam to help Chartdesk build a small but high impact team of fulltime developers to build their product.
Impacts the project brought
Chartdesk is up and running with multiple international clients using their product, despite their humble bootstrapped status
Chartdesk has grown their fulltime tech team based in Vietnam and co- managed by Fetch to in a very sustainable manner
Fetch is able to help startups scale up and build their tech team in anaffordable manner
Types of technical skills outsourced
JavaScript, Angular/VueJS/React, redux / Nodejs / Python
Find the perfect fit with Fetch
Find the perfect fit with Fetch