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Business Lifecycle:
Series A funded
Tech product development for a fast growing startup
Should a fast growing tech startup rely on outsourced tech talent project management or even hire resources?
Learn how Fetch supported exactly that.
Tokenize Xchange is one of South East Asia’s largest digital asset exchange by trading volume and users. They strive to be a reliable and secure platform for fiat currencies to crypto on-off ramp services while creating utility for our users’ digital assets.
Project Preriod
2016 to present
Provide a context/background
Being a local fast growing Fintech startup based in Singapore, one of the key challenges faced by Tokenize is the severe shortage of software engineers pool available in Singapore.
To cater to their fast growing Tech Demands, Tokenize needed to build and expand a capable tech team quickly and had to look outside of Singapore for a solution.
Tokenize evaluated Vietnam as the best potential market, over other APAC markets and partnered with Fetch to build and establish, and grow a tech team in Vietnam in early 2016. Today, the partnership has resulted in Tokenize having a trusted Tech Team of over 50 members in Vietnam, effectively and efficiently co-managed by Fetch. Tokenize went beyond establishing a tech and has mandated Fetch to run their Tokenize-branded office setup. These operation are fully managed and operated by Fetch.
How you tackled the issue
Fetch was able to secure the quality talents needed by Tokenize. Many companies trying to “do it themselves” face significant issues trying to secure the top and capable talents. With Fetch’s vast recruitment networks, we were able to find the best engineers for Tokenize with ease.
Being a growing start-up, one of their main concerns was control over their team. While Fetch managed service takes care of all administrative needs like office space, legal and tax handling, payroll and other administrative matters, it still gave Tokenize full control over their staff like daily work matters and career progression matters, being in full control of things like salary and bonuses.
One of the key concerns of Tokenize was longevity of their engagements with the local staff. Many other start up and SME often relay on casual arrangements to engage freelancers or contract workers. The lack of formal contractual engagement by a legal local company as a partner result in many “nightmare” stories like employees disappearing or very high abandonment rate. With Fetch managed service, all contracts are legal and compliant with local laws. The strong community within Fetch offices also made sure that there is a thriving environment for employees to grow their Careers in the long term with Fetch and Tokenize.
Impacts the project brought
Tokenize today has a reliable offshore tech team of over 50 full timers
Tokenize has their own branded office, setup and operated by Fetch
Fetch is able to help your growing company scale up fast giving you maximum control with zero worries
Types of technical skills outsourced
Nodejs / react js / angularjs / ruby / devops / solidity / Ruby
Find the perfect fit with Fetch
Find the perfect fit with Fetch