Tech Talent Recruitment: Fetch’s Guide to Hire And Scale Your Development Team.


This macro event has helped companies accept remote work, not just locally, but also in global formats, never seen before. Businesses are now recruiting remote tech talent from other countries to fill the shortage and scale their development team. In this regard, Vietnam has become a sought-after destination for companies for its vast talent pool and cost efficiency.  In this article, Fetch shares key guidelines to help you effectively recruit top tech employees in Vietnam.

Why is Finding Tech Talent Challenging?

When it comes to sourcing tech talent, the market is incredibly competitive. Let us look at a few factors that make finding tech talents difficult.

1.   Tech and non-tech businesses vying for the same talent pool

Previously, it was mostly core tech firms that hired tech employees. The massive wave of digital transformation fuelled by the 2019 pandemic re-propelled all companies to double down on their digital transformation efforts and stay nimble in an era of unprecedented change. Businesses with non-tech core business models have now joined the lengthy list of employers eager to tap into the same talent pool of tech employees. This is evident in the 44% rise in job postings for tech-focused roles in the first half of 2022.

2.   Competitive salaries and rewards 

Tech professionals are aware of their marketability. Businesses are practically falling over each other to offer unheard-of financial incentives to candidates in a race to hire the best tech talent. Exponential salary hikes, phenomenal rewards, bonuses, and remote working opportunities are the norm for retention tactics. Fetch has a mature hiring and retention strategy in place and its access to a developing market like Vietnam directly benefits its clients.

    3.   Lack of proper hiring/recruitment process

 A lack of a proper recruitment process may cause poor candidate experience. PwC reinforces this in their report, revealing that 49% of candidates working in in-demand fields, like technology, said that poor recruitment experience was their primary reason for turning down an offer

So, how does Fetch help you hire the right talent?

Fetch has shared a tech talent hiring checklist to help you find and hire the best remote tech employees in Vietnam.

1.   Know where to source top tech talents

It all boils down to accessibility. When it comes to hiring excellent tech employees, knowing where to find the best talent is key. While job boards, career sites, and social networks are great, they have been shown to yield the least results when businesses wish to hire the best tech professionals. Furthermore, these methods do not work too well for remote hiring. This leads to fatigue, and disappointments and uses up your time and money.

Fetch has over eight years of experience in tech recruitment in Vietnam and provides your access to our tech talent network in Vietnam. We bring strategic HR access to the table and match you with tech talent for the job at hand. In other words, our clients gain access and save a tremendous amount of time.

2.   Run an effective hiring process

We are looking at your interview process, guided by Fetch who takes the role of a strategic HR partner. An effective hiring process ensures that you only hire the right tech employee for the job. Employers either neglect this critical step or accept the selection and interview process of HR outsourcing firms. This ends up with the lower quality of new hires and a bad hiring decision can cost your business up to $240,000 in expenses.

Fetch’s market access brings you not one, but a selection of talents that matches your hiring requirement. You have full control over the interview process so that you hire in a method familiar to you. By giving you more control over the hiring process, Fetch takes a strategic partnership stance. Our guidance throughout your entire recruitment journey helps you deliver a seamless candidate experience. In return, you get to build and scale your dream tech team effortlessly.

3.   Streamline your administrative processes

Hiring any remote employee involves various administrative processes, such as legal, administrative, office space, tax handling, leave handling, health insurance, payroll compliance and so much more. These tasks are necessary and consume a considerable amount of time.

Fortunately, Fetch has operated its offices in Vietnam since 2015 and our experience helps you solve your administrative burdens. You focus on your core process and outputs while we take care of all the behind-the-scenes activities.

4.   Have a presence of a strong community

A short supply of talent pool makes it necessary to not just hire, but to retain the tech talent. When people work remotely, a lack of engagement and a sense of belonging is a big challenge to overcome. This hampers productivity and leads to high attrition rates. To combat this problem, building a sense of community among your remote tech employees and providing them an avenue to share ideas and support each other professionally is necessary.

Fetch has built a strong community in their offices in Vietnam that engages your remote developers. We organize employee engagement activities that create opportunities for them to interact with each other outside work. These activities promote a sense of camaraderie among employees and help them feel that they are part of the larger organization, which is key to employee retention and a low attrition rate.


At a time when competent tech employees are in short supply around the world, Vietnam has pivoted to be the new tech-talent supply pool for the world. With the help of Fetch, companies can hire Vietnamese tech talent with access, reliability, control, retention, and administrative ease. Your remote tech talents operate in a workspace that encourages them with a vibrant social community, thereby giving you a more productive team member.

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Find the perfect fit with Fetch
Find the perfect fit with Fetch